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Akko is a brand that produces mechanical keyboards and keycap sets. Akko keycaps are known for their high-quality materials, unique designs, and customization options. Akko has gained popularity for its aesthetically pleasing keycap designs, which may include themes, colors, and artistic elements.

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Akko 3098 Neon Full-Size Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard PBT Double-shot Keycaps

Price: $127.99

Package Included:

• 1 x keycap set

Product Features:

• Material: Plastic

• Model: 3098S (98 keys, Full-size)

• Keycap: PBT Double-shot, ASA profile. Support NKRO / Multimedia / Macro / Windows Key Lock

• Compatible: Windows / MacOS / Linux

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1 - Akko Keycap


The keyboard is wonderful! Very good to type, it sounds great, very heavy. Premium quality! Comes with extra switches and great quality tools to extract keycaps and switches.

2 - Akko Keycap


The tactile ocean blue switch feels nice and bouncy when typing. There are 5 replacement switches and puller tools included in case one of them needs replacement. Keys and lightning can be fully customized in the VIA web app, which can run everywhere on Windows, Linux or macOS. 

3 - Akko Keycap


Very good. I recommend too much….She reached me in 3 weeks.

4 - Akko Keycap


Liked the way the keyboard itself looks, also satisfied with the assembly. Was glad to see additional keys included. Will use to code and increase the speed of typing.

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Akko keycaps come in various styles and color schemes, and they are designed to fit standard mechanical keyboard layouts. Some keycap sets from Akko feature themes inspired by pop culture, anime, or other artistic influences.

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What is Akko Keycap?

Akko is a brand known for producing mechanical keyboards and keycap sets. Akko keyboards and keycaps are popular among mechanical keyboard enthusiasts for their unique and visually appealing designs.

Akko keyboards often feature vibrant and artistic keycap designs, and they are available in various configurations, including full-sized keyboards, tenkeyless (TKL) layouts, and compact designs. The keycaps themselves are often made of high-quality materials like ABS or PBT plastic, and they come in a variety of color schemes and artistic themes.

Why choose Akko Keycap Shop?

Akko is known for its visually striking and unique keycap designs. If someone is looking for a keyboard with a distinctive and eye-catching appearance, Akko keycaps may offer a range of artistic and creative options.

Keycaps from Akko are typically made from durable materials like ABS or PBT, contributing to a quality feel and long-lasting performance. The choice of material can affect the texture, durability, and overall typing experience.

The mission of Akko Keycap Shop?

Empowering enthusiasts with a fusion of art and technology, Akko Keycap shop is dedicated to delivering unique and high-quality keycap sets that inspire creativity, personalize mechanical keyboards, and enhance the overall typing experience. We strive to collaborate with talented artists, embrace diversity in design, and provide a platform for users to express their individuality through customizable, visually stunning keycaps. Our commitment is to continually innovate, ensuring compatibility, durability, and a touch of artistic flair in every keystroke.

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